So, I’ve finally come to the point, when I’m ready to start sharing my thoughts on motherhood and parenting. And I must say, not easy. It’s been really awesome for the (nearly) two past years. I’ve laughed like never before, I’ve cried like never before. I’ve experienced some feelings that were entirely new for me. I like thinking sometimes, that if people don’t have children, they can’t understand what it feels like to be truly scared. Because that is what I felt for the great amount of the past time.

I’m a woman with a plan. Always and for everything. What is more I always know best (but I like talking to people, I honestly try to see their point, and I often change my mind after a conversation). And people laugh about it. They laughed when I was saying that I want to get pregnant immediately after the wedding, and they laugh when I say that I want to get pregnant in June or July of the next year. I know it may not be that easy, but I believe it will work.

What was the most difficult job that I had to deal with? It was definitely convincing my whole family to respect the “circadian routine”. Thanks to the book by Gina Ford (“The New Contented Little Baby Book”) I had a schedule for every, single day and it literally saved my life so many times. I am going to write a lot more about this lifesaver because it guided me through my first, I would like to write days, but it was more like a year of being a mom.

All in all, at the end of 2014 my life changed and I’m not going back. I love having a child, and I would definitely love to have some more, but it’s not always a fairytale. My baby is not always shiny and calm and charmingly giggling picking up flowers. Well, he couldn’t pick up flowers even if he wanted to. So I want to write about real life, not some idealized illusions. I wish there was some stuff somebody told me about before I got pregnant. I wish I had somebody to talk to when I was feeling down and I was having some unpleasant thoughts, that in my opinion no mother should have. After these two years I know that by far I’ve been pretty successful, so if anyone find what I write here comforting, it will be my pleasure to help.

So let’s start this new venture. Hi. I’m Ania.

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