I’ve got my ups and downs in being a parent, like all I think. My connection to ‚previous’ life is shopping. Sometimes thanks to it I’m not crazy yet. I take my IPad, sit on my longue and disappear in Online Mall. Shopping – online mostly. I live in a country side and my access to shops is rather limited. Anyway online shopping gives more opportunities to find interesting things.

Once it was for me or my husband, now it’s all about my daughterling Celina.

BTW shopping with a baby it’s not the same. I can’t complain. Celina is very patient and according to the Circadian Routine I know when it’s the perfect time for it. But once again – IT’S NOT THE SAME! 🙂
One of my first things on MUST HAVE list was a stroller bag made by Zuzia Górska. I found it a long time before pregnancy. It’s got all fresh mummy and newbie need.

Pockets, cubbyholes, belts. All of it makes stuff in a good order. It’s easy to find all you need. That’s all in hand-made, personalized stylish leather bag.

You can hang it on your buggy or carry on your shoulder. Even my husband – 110% macho can carry it with no pushback.

Next ace is waterproof (yeah water 😉 ) baby changing mat, sachet (for health certificate or documents) and cosy blanket – all in the bag’s color and pattern.

My bag is dark brown with navy blue liner with white stars – it suits for a girl but also for a boy in the future (and my buggy is navy too).

Just ideal bag!







You can find such bags HERE 🙂

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